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Freebies: Desktop background slideshow - Microsoft Windows 10.


Desktop background slideshow is an alternative to the default slideshow in Settings which allows spanning images from many sub-folders. Images are displayed as the background image in a random order from the list of all images in all sub-folders. The slideshow timing is customisable as well as image placement on the desktop.


When active the program is located in the Taskbar (icon).

Left-click the icon to get an about message:


Right-click the icon to open a menu:


Click 'Close' to exit the program.
Click 'About' to display the message above.
Click 'Configure' to get to the interesting screen where you will be able to configure the app:

Configure window

The above screen should be self explanatory:


To install the program simply:

NOTE 1: When run the first time, the program will ask if you want to launch it when Windows starts. If you answer Yes, then it will attempt to copy the exe file into C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp. This will probably fails because the program should not have admin privileges. So you will have to copy Desktop.SS.exe file into that folder by yourself!!!

NOTE 2: The present version of the program does not recognise UTF-8 encoded filenames. In consequence, the images names MUST NOT contains any NON STRICT-ASCII (0-128) characters (i.e. accented characters or Eastern, Greek, Cyrillic, ... characters), only plain, boring English characters.

Download here (zip file - 21 KB)


The app is based on code from:

Published date: 15 October 2016.


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